Flooring Replacement Cost...please help

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Hey Guys,

Trying to put some numbers together on a SFH. All floors need to be replace. House is 1700 sq. feet. Mostly carpet, some linoleum. Does anyone have a quick metric for estimating flooring cost. Looking for installed price. (not really a weekend warrior) I'm in the Midwest (southern Indiana). Planning on holding as a rental. Might upgrade a little on new floors to tenant proof. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

This are typical numbers for my area. 

$1.50/Sq ft for carpet for ok quality. 

Laminate $1.50/Sq ft to install. Material depends on quality you choose. Watch your transitions with wood/laminate as the t moldings are expensive. 

Vinyl plank / tile - $1/Sq ft plus however quality material you buy.

i don't like linoleum so i don't keep posted with that. An investor in my are would carpet in rooms and vinyl plank or tile in common areas. Tile in kitchen and bath then plank for hallways and living room area. This is an easy install easy maintain system. Buy islands of carpet for rooms, tile can be repaired individually, planks are pretty tough

@Neal Bratton  Welcome to BP! I don't have any formula or metric. However; I can tell you that as far as tenant proof, back in 2004 we built a house we planned on living in forever. Our son and his friends rode freestyle motocross, and practiced on our property. I knew there would be teenage boys forgetting to take off their motorcycle boots sometimes, and rather than stress over it, I planned for it. In contacting the Shaw flooring rep for the area, he told me the best product would be vinyl strips that look like laminate. It worked like a charm. No scratches. We had ALOT of traffic in and out of the house with kids, church gatherings, etc. and the flooring is still as good today as the day it went in. 

$2 per square foot ($18 per square yard) is a safe number in most places for mid-grade nylon carpet installed.  

If you want to make it easy, find the largest carpet retailer in your area, walk in and tell them that your budget is $2/sf, including all materials and installation and that this is for an investment property.  Ask them what's the nicest carpet they can give you for that price?

@Ashton Astillero   Thanks for the input. I probably will go with a mix of your suggestions. Might keep carpet for bedrooms then mix of tile/vinyl/laminate.  

@Karen Margrave   I have been pretty interested in the vinyl strips. I haven't ever had/used them but I think I might try them out they seem pretty durable.

@J Scott Thanks for the pricing info. I know you've done one or two of these :)

I will plan on $2-3 per sq ft. for budget numbers.

@Neal Bratton  

 What I did was use the strips in the kitchen/eating areas, the entry, hall, etc. There's a dining area, great room, a living room, bedroom all off the sections I did with vinyl, making it easy to change out carpet in those rooms 1 at a time if carpet gets worn. 

Here's a pic that kind of shows it. 

@Neal Bratton  all good info above.

I just started using the water proof rubber wood laminate planks instead of the wood laminate [warps if it gets wet].  The cost is a little more [about $3 per sq. ft. installed] but should last a long time.  I use this in the family room & hall.  Then, low cost carpet in the bedrooms.

If it's over $850 per month rent, I will use tile in the kitchen, bath & laundry rooms.  Otherwise, a nice roll vinyl laminate works fine and is very low cost.

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