Exterior paint color scheme??

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We have been debating over an exterior color scheme for this Dutch Colonial style house. We have not completed the front porch, but this picture should help give a good idea. 

So far, I'm thinking a darker color, to make for "covering" the existing paint easier. We are back forth on white trim vs. off-white or cream. The neighborhood really has a mix of colors... from kinda crazy bright colors (purple, bright green and even orange), to the more usual neutral tones (gray, tan, green/gray). The style of the house shows a lot of roofing...therefore coordinating off the shingle color is our thought. Or is that too much grey!? Also- I have seen that it is common to have a different color on the upper dormer side (side of the house portion near windows) of dutch colonials. Any thoughts?

 And... what to do with the two front facing windows on second floor... adding a contrasting color to pop?

I would love your advice.... a big thank you!

I have been liking sage green for the house and hickory for the trim. These are in-stock colors at Menards. We go in and ask for a sample siding color book at the contractors desk. Then purchase a cheap gutter cap in hickory. They can color match at any paint department or store. 

Thanks @Trisha S.  !

We have actually been looking at different greens and greenish-grey colors. Didnt necessarily think of the hickory trim though. We shall explore that more! Thanks for your feedback and tips, appreciate it:)

You are welcome Good Luck!

Cedar shingles I would go with a natural color like tan or grey.

houzz.com is the place to go for exterior color selections on lots of architectural styles; here are some Dutch colonial links from there:








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