Windows and trim caulking, who does it? painter or installer?

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Working on my first flip.  I'm having a general contractor doing all the work except for paint.  It's an extensive rehab project where we're replace all windows and interior doors.  We're putting new trims and baseboards.  My GC says the paint guy is supposed to caulk before he paints.  The paint guy says he doesn't caulk because the paint would crack up.  I'm not sure how to approach this.  I believe caulking is needed.  How would I go about this?  Is this normally part of a painter's job?  or is it the job of the windows'/trims' installer job? 

Thanks in advance for your input!

Originally posted by @Kayla Truong :

  My GC says the paint guy is supposed to caulk before he paints.  The paint guy says he doesn't caulk because the paint would crack up.  

It does if he paints over silicone ... your painter should be using a latex or other paintable caulk and it wont crack the paint, id be very concerned about a painter who makes that comment

agree with Aaron, painter caulks 

my opinion @Kayla Truong  if you are paying a GC and you tell him that you want caulk done then the GC needs to take care of it period 

good luck with this 

I see caulking as the final step in carpentry. So I'd ask the GC to do it. But, I do almost all my work on my properties myself because I've found most contractors to be bums.  On occasion I have a painter and I do all the prep up to priming and finish coats. I just have him paint so there isn't any confusion about who is doing what.

@Kayla Truong  Painter caulks...preferably after he's primed everything. 

Painter caulks. My painter finished caulking a few days ago the puttied the small holes and small surface cracks before he painted. After the first coat he went back to look for cracks and holes again.

@Andy C.   "I've found most contractors to be bums".  Ahem.  :)

Agreed with "Painter caulks" comments...always the case for me...

Painter is the one who caulks take that to the bank LOL!!

Unless you have a great working relationship with the installer and your painter sucks (why is he still your painter?), then for me it would be painter hands down.   

i am a GC and not A Bum andy c and I do not think art is also , but 95% of all jobs the painter caulks the windows base and trim , note if there is a outside windows that does not have wood but has coil warp the window guy caulks it due to it being no paint but all other items  the painter caulks. Please note the painter will only use painter grade caulk only that is around $1.25 ea  for all  jobs. I get the caulk the kind I get is the non srink kind its triple the cost but its not that much  you want have your crown gaps and wall  railing will look good for years that what you have to do that abut 60 dollars a job I just get it and drop it off.also tell your painter if he wants the job he needs to caulk and have some small point up in his scope are you will get someone else to do the job.

My painter does all the trim caulking.

Thank you all for your inputs! I'll talk to my painter and ask him to caulk.  I appreciate all responds! 

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