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This is what I pay my guys to do the job. I would appreciate feedback. I don’t use GC, I manage my own projects. I provide all the materials for the and also carry workers comp policy. I do not check their passports either…they get paid per finished project. kitchen, bathroom etc. so far the system works out well.

Gutted bathroom :Install durock, tiles around bath and on the floor, toilet, medicine cabinet, vanity, connect plumbing and paint = $800 labor for finished bathroom. Spray paint bathtub $250 ones everything is finished

Paint one room with moderate preparation 12X9 room. All moldings, walls and ceiling, install fan. - $400 for finished room. moldings white, walls linen white, ceiling white

kitchen 12X12, install cabinets – 14 pieces, laminate countertops, connect plumbing, lay durock on top of vinyl flooring and 18X18 tiles, install ¼ drywall on top of plaster walls, install one door, float and paint throughout  $2500 for a complete kitchen

Install 6 doors $200 for the job.

Install new window: $100 per window– installer brings his own foam and metal capping, picks up windows from manufacturer and puts them in place. he halls away the debris as well.

location Chicagoland area.

Can't say anything about the labor prices, as those are very, very region-specific.

I will say that, legally, you're cruising for a bruising doing things this way. No passport check means, I assume, that you're not doing I9's... which means that you're not doing W2's... which means that you're probably not doing W9's either.

Better hope that nobody who works for you and happens to be legal decides that you need to pay him a few thousand dollars so he doesn't report you to the IRS, INS, and DOL. Or that someone gets hurt on one of your jobs and the DOL comes sniffing around. Or OSHA or the EPA show up on your job and decide to take a hard look at you... or someone realizes that legally, they should be a W2 instead of a W9 and decides to stick the DOL, IRS, and INS on you just because they didn't like the color of your shirt.

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