I am stuck.

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The demographics certainly have changed for me. The areas I have worked in the past are not selling. Mainly because of more stringent financing requirements. Fortunately, I am not holding anything right now that is not selling. I know to get busy again, I must find a new market. But, when I have made offers in them, I am competing with people that don't seem to require a profit like me.

Anybody have any new tactics you are willing to share?



you may need to offer something others do not, i.e. quick closing, easy terms, 

or, accept less.  something is better than nothing. 

First rule of thumb in investing: "Don't lose money."

@Don Hines  One thing I would recommend is to meet with someone in the new market that you are looking in and see if they have some different information about valuing the property. Maybe you are not seeing something in the value of the houses that the people that are more familiar to the market are seeing. If you get that information, you may be able to make more competitive offers on the properties in that area. 

And some areas sell so well you cant get a deal to flip . 

Originally posted by @Matthew Paul :

And some areas sell so well you cant get a deal to flip . 

HMMMM!!  Never thought of that.

Originally posted by @Jason Gray :

What was working in the past Mike? Buy fix flip?

You mean me? (Don)

Before, I was rehabbing in areas where programs were used to finance. Such as ADDI or other assistance. With the crackdown on financing, sales are virtually none in the areas that attracted assistance.

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