Custom cabinet builder in Houston.

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Hello fellow investors! I am looking for a custom cabinet builder in the Houston area if anyone knows of such a person. I find that when/if I use lowes or home depot "in stock" grade MDF cabinets, that when the tenant forgets to tell me there is a leak, the cabinets are basically ruined. I think I would like to try all wood cabinets, while they are more expensive now, I think they will hold up better over time. Thoughts?

Contractor recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

@Steve Babiak  thanks! I hate cabinet shopping from the big box stores and I thought id try something different this time. 

Try calling the local NHBA/Remodel association. They have a category  of associates where the various trades are located. Best of luck.

Hi @Chris McDaniel  ,

I have a good contractor and he has a cabinet maker. I can put you in contact with him if you like. Send me an email and ill forward you his phone. 

Good luck,

Andres J.

Hi, @Chris McDaniel, 

If you're still looking for someone, my stepdad is a carpenter. He's been working in the craft for about 15 years and has done tables, chairs, cabinets, trim work, windows, among other things. 

If you've ever been to any of the "El Tiempo Cantina" locations, he's the one that did most of their woodwork. 

I'll send you a request with more information. 

-Josue Guzman

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