window blinds for rehab

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Curious as to how many rehabbers put up blinds/verticals for their flips vs not putting anything. I have been putting them but trying to decide if they are necessary. Im in S Florida, any input is appreciated. 

I guess it depends on the market. I've done mostly low income housing areas so I don't think I ever did blinds. If you're talking high end where you would stage a house then I probably would do the blinds. 

@Joe Stafford   I would say put the blinds up.  They are cheap, the home depot blinds are fine when staging.

We do high end flips and we do not put any kind of window treatments in our houses, although we do stage the houses.  We have found that window treatments in our priced homes are a personal thing and I don't want to put any necessary holes in the original woodwork, as most of our homes are in the older areas of Memphis.  In one of the historic areas we are currently working in, many homes don't have any window treatments at all (at least on the front of the house) in homes that have been occupied for years.  I think it a neighborhood thing.  

For entry-level houses, we always put up the cheap Home Depot mini-blinds while we're staging.  For the lower-end buyers, the goal is for them not to have to put any additional money into the house -- which is a big selling feature for anyone who is working to scrape up their downpayment.

We rent rather than flip, and cater to low income, and put the wide slate faux wood white blinds up.  They hold up to a lot of abuse and get a lot of attention.

In our market window coverings are included; we would expect an allowance from the seller if the windows were bare (if we were going to live in it, investment properties are more variable).  Probably varies by market.

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