System needed to help with detailed estimate of rehabbing a house

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I attended a rehabbing presentation that offered a program that included a detailed estimating tool that was obviously developed with Home Depot.  You could specify a type of kitchen for example and get a detailed bill of materials and labor steps down to the sku numbers.  The cost of the whole program was high and I don't know how good it is.

In our own home when we had a flood the contractor (or inspector) had a detailed tool that estimated the repairs for the insurance people and could then be used to contract with any contractor.  Are any of these tools available to BP people?

I believe they have tool's in the analyze section.

Hope this helps!

The Home Depot calculator will spit out typical Home Depot labor and material prices.  The insurance software will spit out typical retail prices.

As an investor, you want to know what you should be paying, which is typically going to be less than retail (and less than HD labor prices).

There's no shortcut -- you'll need to talk to contractors and look at materials.  BP has a book (I'm the author) that lays out a methodology for how to think about and structure you SOW and estimate, and it also has general price ranges...but to know exactly what you'll pay, you need to do some legwork.

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