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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but do contractors that you hire for rehab have to be in the area your property is at?

they don't have to but I think it's perferred. Sometimes you may have a problem with the rehab couple weeks after completion and if the contractor operates his/her business far away they may not come back as soon as you need.


Ah I see, that makes sense

I would be less concerned about if they're from the area, and more concerned with where they normally work. In the DC area, a lot of contractors come from up to 3 hours away just to do work here. If it is part of their regular "route" it won't be an issue for them to accommodate problems.

On another note. If it is a large job, and worthwhile, I have sent contractors out of state to stay for weeks at a time. If you pay them on a net 30 payment cycle, they will go above and beyond to make sure any complications after the fact are dealt with stat. This way they will get paid on time still. 

I would not hire someone that is not from my area unless highly recommended by a trusted person!


Some of my subs come from san diego working in LA, some are from orange when I am working in SD. It is because not all contractors are available when I need to get things done at the fastest time possible, and the least headache. For self-performed jobs, it wont matter where I go, but definitely much more expensive to do a job more than the neighboring county, just the hotel and food allowance, about $40/day/person more expensive.

For aure service calls are expensive, gas and all but, its part of business. If its a back job, its on us, if not, trip charge of about 50 plus time and material system will be in place.

Another issue with working with a contractor who is far away is them being licensed in your jurisdiction.  Most of my projects are in Washington DC and most contractors in my area come from Maryland or Virginia.  I don't care where they come from, but technically they have to be licensed in DC in order to work in DC.  

@Robert Williams  Would they accept a contract in an area that they are not licences to work in?  How can you check?  Also, I think referrals of work they have done would help me to decide if I would go with them.

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