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Just wonder how many percent of the flippers here apply for HOA permit? I understand some HOA is very strict and some other community are not, but is this something you think about first when start doing reno on your property and its effect on the reno options?


@Tri Ly: LYou certainly don't want to get the reputation of skirting the "permit process". Most HOA's have some pretty stiff fines they can impose, they can conduct inspections that might not make you happy. In most instances you need to obtain a "resale certificate" and if there is a fine outstanding you will have to pay or not get the resale certificate. Better off working within the HOA code requirements and be one of the good guys.


I am not trying to skirt the permit :) just curious.

Im doing a re roof for my property and seems like my HOA is demanding on the type of roof they want to see (40 years, 360lbs per sq etc). But they are fast ans easy to approve one you get it right.

Also, how often that you have to get the "resale certificate", what is it essentially?

@Tri Ly The resale certificate is to generate money for the HOA and to make sure that when Title is transferred to the new owner, that all dues, and violation fees are brought up to date. This also makes the new owner of the Rules and Regulations of the Community. Most mortgage companies and Title Companies will require (request) a Resale Cert.

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