Toxic Laminate Flooring from Lumber Liquidators

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For anyone out there in the BP community who may have, or is considering, buying laminate flooring from lumber Liquidators for their Fix n Flip or worse yet, for a buy n hold check out tonight's episode on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper on this topic. Allegedly  Lumber Liquidators has been buying their laminate flooring from Chinese manufacturers who have been knowingly falsely labeling their products as Callifornia CARB Phase 2 compliant when it actually has well above the maximum formaldehyde limit levels. They pulled samples in several states from CA to FL and all had a significant percent of the samples showing levels that were up to fifteen times the designated safety level. We need to be aware of the safety issues regarding the products we use in our industry as health issues from environmental causes effect not just our investment but our livelyhood

The high cost of low prices.

Thanks for posting! I have used their product on a rehab and it began buckling within a week in multiple rooms.

Hi Randy,

I watched that this evening. Puts a whole new spin on home inspections and remediation for environmental issues.

Never purchased from them as I got better prices from either a full service supplier, Lowes or Home Depot. 

Thanks!  I missed it last night and was wondering what it was about.  

Just a heads up guys, I am not siding one way or the other, nor am I recommending action, investment, or purchase of products. 


If you aren't aware of the long running battle surrounding LL stock, there is a considerable short position including some activist investors and hedge fund managers who have been accused of using their considerable influence to provide misinformation about Lumber Liquidators (LL) and their products in an effort to profit from the drop in stock price. 

Again not commenting on quality of the product or anything like that, just saying don't believe everything you hear, even if its on 60 Minutes.

Here's a forbes article about it...

We have never bought from them but have considered doing so. Very eye opening story for sure. 

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