Have you ever added built a new garage on a flip?

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I am pricing what it would cost to build a detached 1 or 1.5 car garage on a home we are flipping and was wanting to see if you have done this on a flip and what it cost you as well as how did it impact the ability to sell the property? Photos would be cool as well!!!

I've done this on several projects -- I've paid between $8-15K, depending on the location and the size of the garage.

We are currently doing a flip where we are adding a semi-detached carport (cannot access the house but completely covered to get into the house).  For us, it saved us several  thousand and we are going to market it as additional outside entertaining area.  I'm going by there later today and will post a picture here for you to see.  I think you just have to consider your market.  Our neighborhood is a high end historic neighborhood where there are some $400-$500 houses with no covered parking at all .... some with no driveway at all.  

Just finished a flip where we added a carport.  After we got an offer, the appraiser took $8,000 off his appraised price because it didn't have a garage. But gave us a $2,500 credit because we added the carport.  FYI

I think if you have the space and it will be convenient and functional to the owners, you need to add one.  You should get all the money back, plus have a bigger pool of potential buyers to draw from.

Thanks for the feedback guys... There is a pad but I am not sure of it's true condition as it's covered with grass and tree branches right now! But to ensure we garner our projected sales price we will have to do it.

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