Financing for 1st flip

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"house" it going everybody! I'm ready to jump in the game. I feel like I have the theory and the mechanics down for house flipping thing. My hurdle now is getting the money to get to actually make some things happen. I don't have very good credit right now and not very much saved. I hear there is such a thing call hard money lenders but I wouldn't know how to getting contacts with one. Help me out BP! 

@Wayne Terry. Hello I am also new to BP but you can find some hard money lenders by state on the Resources tab above the BP page. Another option is to find some private money, it might be harder to come across but all you have to do is ask and network with other investors. Hope this will be some help for you. Good luck

@Wayne Terry  "house" it going - very good! I see that your enthusiasm has been evident for nigh on two years now. But somehow, I still question your COMMITMENT. Why? Because in another thread you recently admitted that you will have to start with no more than $1,000.00! Really? Is your cost of living that high that your Sales salary couldn't get you to put away more that $1k in two years? Just askin'. Cheers...

@Andres Sotelo   Thanks for the info!

@Brent Coombs   not quite sure where you're gathering that from. however if you have some useful input on acquiring loans for flipping houses I'm all ears!

@Wayne Terry  Do you remember February 20, this year? You started a thread titled "I have $1000 and great expectations. Where do I start?". Sorry if I misinterpreted your situation. I hope you HAVE socked away a lot more than that over the last two years. Cheers...

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