Wireless, portable, cloud recording security camera solutions for vacant properties?

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I am looking for a camera system that I can move from vacant property to vacant property as needed.  The properties will be under various stages of construction, will have electricity on, but will not have traditional internet access.

I am looking for something where I could possibly either use a portable wifi hotspot or 3G streaming to a cloud-based DVR type setup that I could access any time using the internet, and would have large enough storage to hold (at least) a week's worth of video, and would have night vision and motion sensing technology, and support multiple cameras for different sides of the house.

From the research I've done so far, it seems like most wireless cameras like this require a static IP address (i.e. a portable hotspot would not work).  Anyone have solutions they can recommend?

Verizon is my current wireless carrier, and I would be using this setup in and around the Omaha, NE area.

Thanks in advance!


they may have an 'IP Network Camera System' that is hotspot capable

@Owen D. Not exactly what you are looking for but DropCam ($175) is a great camera but needs an ip address. Why not establish internet at the site, set a wireless router and set up to 4 dropCams into the space. Minimal,"Security Expense". You can turn on/off and monitor remotely via phone, ipad or desktop. You can subscribe for "cloud recording" that will store up to a month.  You can even Hear and talk back through the camera if you needed to talk to a contractor on site and see what they were observing at the same time. 

Don, I considered that, but I really don't want the PITA factor of doing that at every property. There has to be a solution out there for buliders, rehabbers, etc. that is truly portable.

What's the purpose of video?  Are you hoping to catch a criminal? 

You might try a hunter's camera:


Another mechanism I like is a Tagg dog tracker (GPS devices) in the desirable equipment, like appliances, so you can track your fridge long after it has left the house.  Not only do you have their picture, but you get your stuff back in hours.


Yes, I am sick of thieves and I want to nail them with proof instead of chalking it up to a sunk cost.

I am suspicious of a neighbor in a specific instance and would like some proof, but also would like a reliable system moving forward.

I like the idea of the GPS devices, but it would be impossible to tag wiring and copper plumbing, which are the most common things stolen.

@Owen D. You could easily move this system from house to house since there is no wiring other than the initial cable feed which will be needed anyway. 

You can set the camera to "notify you" via your phone when movement is detected. You could then See the neighbor and speak to him through the camera and ask him to smile and wave (for the judge). 

@Owen D. I used what @Rick Baggenstoss  mentioned, a deer cam.  I mounted two.  One high up on a wood power/ cable pole, and one on a downspout, both of which would be very difficult to remove with someone making a bunch of noise & a scene with an extension ladder.  They are night vision too.  Then I just bought a $30 motion detecting siren from Home Depot & kept the remote in the lockbox for the contrators.  Usually thieves are scared away soon with alot of noise so they don't go any further.  Of course after I did all this the thieves never came back to the house lol.

Thank you guys!  @Jeremy Prunty , can you give me the link to the specific product you bought (it looked like there were several).  It looks like they snap pictures (as opposed to video), correct?  How is battery life?

Just a deer/ game camera available at any sports store or Menards has them too.  Yes they snap pics & store on an SD card when motion is detected.  Hunters strap them to trees & use them to monitor deer/ game movement in areas.  Battery life was pretty good as I used mine in the dead of winter & they lasted at least a month.  

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