Current price for large drywall jobs in Denver

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I've looked through these forums and have seen prices from $30-35 per board for drywall prices.  I've got a 1750 square foot new build.  Second floor has vaulted ceilings to 11'8" .  First floor has 9' ceilings.  Other than that it's a basic box - 3 bed, 3 bath.  

What should I expect to pay per board?  I'm getting quotes as high as $65 per board for hanging, taping, mudding, wrapped windows and orange peel finish.  

This seems VERY high?  Any thoughts or drywall contractor recommendations would be appreciated!


Hey Danielle,

First, I don't know the Denver market AT ALL.  So, it's possible that my input here is completely off the mark.  That said, just to start the thread off, I thought I'd provide some general feedback...

My observation has been that drywall costs -- labor and materials -- are tremendously consistent around much of the country (unlike a lot of trades).  For large jobs, I would typically expect to pay between $.80-1.20 per square foot of wall space, or between $26-38 per 4x8 sheet and between 38-58 per 4x12 sheet.  This includes hanging, taping, mudding, finishing without texture.  And I could argue that adding texture should DECREASE the total price of the job, as it reduces the amount of required skilled labor.

$30-35 per board doesn't seem too bad in a more expensive market (especially the lower end of that range).  In my experience, if you pay much less than that, you're probably going to get a less than stellar job...

The problem with Denver right now, is that these guys are NOT hurting for business. They can be picky and ask high prices. My drywall guy is too small time for your job, or I'd recommend him. 

You might try HomeAdvisor too.

Originally posted by @Matt M. :

My drywall guy is too small time for your job, or I'd recommend him. 

 That's another great point...

Drywall is one of the few trades where the small contractors are typically going to be MORE expensive than the larger contractors.  This is because drywall work scales very well -- if you're doing big jobs, the materials are lot cheaper, you can afford good tools, and the work can be done so much more efficiently by more skilled contractors (so number of hours is lower).

For big drywall jobs, I always recommend calling some of the companies that appear to be the biggest...

Quotes are not that far off - prices are up and people are very busy - labor shortage in our market and this isn't a big enough job to get great pricing. Could be risky, but you might consider visiting job sites around town and see who wants to moonlight!

Hey Danielle,

I just had an 800 SF basement drywalled in Denver. I estimated 85 sheets and was requesting quotes for hanging, taping, mudding, and finishing with knockdown texture (btw, I completely agree with @J Scott that texture should not increase the total cost). 

I got 5 quotes ranging from $3000 to $6500 not including materials! Ended up going with the low quote and after the cost of sheetrock, tape, mud and texture, it came out to $54/sheet. It seemed expensive to me, but as @Matt M. said, Denver labor is hard to come by right now.

I think the guys who did the work were moonlighting since they showed up to work at 7pm. I figure they had just finished their corporate job and they were working for some side $$. They did a great job though. Good Luck!

@Danielle D. I'm not surprised you are finding prices high. People are very busy. The people I have used in the past have moved on in one fashion or another. I would say this, don't use prices on this forum as a gauge of what is real here. Just like you can buy a $50K house in many places they simply don't existing anywhere near here. Higher RE prices mean higher labor costs.

Craig's List is my default source. Just screen them very carefully and thoroughly. That said, I would have serious reservations of trusting a job of your size to the average Craig's List contractor though. 

I just checked with my guy and he is telling me similar numbers to what you're getting.  Plus he's a few months out.  Looks like it's just the price of business currently. 

Thank you all for your helpful and quick responses.  I will follow up with a post on who I hired, if they were good and what I paid.

Oh, and I've used as well for bids.

Originally posted by @Danielle D. :

Thank you all for your helpful and quick responses.  I will follow up with a post on who I hired, if they were good and what I paid.

Oh, and I've used as well for bids.

I have used thumbtack for my bids, or at least I tried. Some are professional, some are not, so I did not take my chances on timeline. They advertise their rate also. With your volume, I would recommend buying the materials yourself, and let the supplier recommend you 5 companies to do the hanging, pick two and start the project, you could be looking at labor and tools as your best option and most cost effective way. Companies like HD Supply (this used to be part of HomeDepot but homedepot sold them to some other company, now they are WhiteCap as trade name), or would probably contact the manufacturer myself.

Hi All,

I wanted to update everyone on the bids I received.  For a level 3 finish with orange peel texture and wrapped drywall windows, I received 4 estimates, all came in between $50-60 a board.  (I estimated 210-220 boards).

So, I feel pretty confident that this is the going rate in Denver now!

Thanks again,


I recently paid $9 per board to hang, and $15 per board to finish to level 5 smooth.  Also add about $15 per board for material.  This was for a 150 board remodel.  All in $39 including material, but I am pretty ruthless with the negotiations with sub subcontractors.  

i am a drywaller here in denver and yes our price is about 35 per board hang and finish. But that does not include the sheetrock.   So that should give you an idea.   Hope that helps. 

An orange peel texture should be running closer to $55-58 per board in my experience. I am paying $62-65 for a very good level 4 at the moment. If you have the time I would collect a few more quotes. 

hey Danielle I am really late on this post, I am a drywall salesman I deal or know a good chuck of installers in town (I better since I've been doing it for 9 years) On future projects I would be more then happy to give you a couple of contacts to supply labor. Just FYI next time get a quote for labor and materials with labor. More often your installer will be putting a 10% mark up on materials. That's just business. You can always buy the materials directly from me or another supplier. If you are doing this more often I can always help you open an account with us. And just thought I'd let you know price to hang a sheet of 4 x 12 varies from $45 to $55 depending on the installer. Hope this helps

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