" Exposed " wiring in a potential Rental property .....

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Good Morning,

I need some insight and recommendations as to a situation that has come up, ina  property I am looking to purchase, that has Exposed wiring , all throughout the house.

The house was built around 1955 , and it is all wood on the inside ( almost like a Log cabin on the interior walls ), in that there is no sheetrock anywhere in the house.

Well, all of the wiring that goes to the.... light switches, Outlets and ceiling fans, are all " Exposed " and are tacked to the wall with staples.

Here is my main question please..... I am going to have to purchase this property using a FHA loan, and am afraid that once I get the Appraisal and Inspection, that they will not Pass this property due to the wiring.

There is no way to " Hide " the wires either, since there is nothing to run them behind, I.E. sheetrock .

Has anyone ran into this sort of problem , and is there a possibility that I may be fine, and that it will pass for an FHA loan ?

Thanks for every ones help,

I really appreciate it

Is this just the wire or is there a  square casing around it?   We have wiring that is done external to the walls but it is intended to be that way and it is encased in wire mold.  Each of the electrical boxes encased as is on top of the wallboard.  It is not coax cable stapled to the wall.  If your outlets are properly boxed I believe the type of wiring I have is acceptable, although not ideal.  I don't know if you are talking about the same thing  though. Need one of the electricians to comment.  

  I have enclosed it in plastic raceway from lowes or homedepo

I assume the wires are running through a conduit and not literally exposed to the touch. Kind of like what you might see in a storage room, garage, or workshop.

Even if the wiring is up to the code and passes muster, I would be concerned about the aesthetic issue that may turn off potential tenants.

The bigger issue here is the use of an FHA loan for a rental property. You can't do it, unless you're planning to make it your own personal residence for at least a year.

Good luck!

I think @Colleen F. is referring to surface-mounted molding. Surface-mounted wiring is to code in most areas if inside adequate protective molding. The molding is expensive ($5 for a couple elbows even, and about $1/ft for straight lengths) and rigid to deal with. Labor for the electrician will be a killer, too. My guess is no way FHA would allow this. They don't even allow peeling paint on facia. Through a 203k they may allow rehab costs into it, but I would fit the financing to the property. If your route is FHA, find a property that needs less or no work or go in knowing you need the 203k. Good luck @Michael Dunn !

All of the wiring is incased in conduit and is attached to the wall with brackets and screws.
I am just hoping that it will pass Inspection / code.

The way it currently is, is up to code, so hopefully there won't be an issue

I am going to purchase the property as an Owner Occupant, with the intent to hold on to it as a rental property.

As far as getting it approved for a FHA loan, I am going to use the 203k rehab loan, and get it all as one loan.

It needs quite a bit of work done.
My main thing is it passing an Inspection, with if my facts are correct.....

1. You HAV to get a Inspection ?

2. The house has to be in " Liveable " conditions , before you can close on the house,
Unless the seller is willing to work something out, I.E. put the amount of money needed to get it to pass the FHA's liveable guidelines, by putting the money in an Escrow account ?

Thank you again for all of the help,
I really appreciate it

@Michael Dunn Why not save yourself the trouble of fixing the things that will potentially pass? If it is up to code, why can't it pass inspection? The way I see it, it is not a hazard issue. If it doesn't, at least the inspector will tell you what to fix and you could fix at a minimum cost rather than go fix blind. I have seen exposed conduits in some old commercial properties, even those could pass inspection.

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