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Hi everyone,

How do you narrow down the list of good home inspectors in your area and finalize one? Is there a resource/website that has a compilation of licensed, insured and good reviewed home inspectors? I'm looking for an inspection for a 1970s house with a detailed analysis (electrical, plumbing, foundation, structural, crawl space, termites, molds, insulation etc etc....). I need to have an inspection prior to starting the rehab project. I have also noticed some general contractors also recommend an associated inspector they have worked with or probably in-house... I'm not sure though how to evaluate on them. Any tips/recommendations?




As with most things, referrals are your best bet. As a seller,mi have had buyers bring in their home inspectors over the years too. A few of them had so much detail and wrote up every little thing, at the time, it pissed me off, but after the fact, I realized how detailed they were and started using them for myself. Talk with other sellers in your area and see which inspectors did their homes and how detailed they were.

Also ask several real estate agents in your area.  (experienced & busy agents). I recall before becoming an agent, I put a home under contract and hired an inspector recommended by a friend.  When I told the real estate agent the name of my inspector she absolutely flipped out.  "....that guys nothing but a deal breaker.." she went on and on about how much time he would take ripping the house apart etc... 

My reply was "good" I want to know absolutely everything about this house before I buy it.  She was actually so put out by it she wondered out loud if I was simply trying to find a way to back out of the deal or knock them down on price.  By this point warning bells were going off in my head and I let her know that the inspection wouldn't be necessary as I was no longer interested in purchasing the house.

Even with referrals, you may find that some inspectors are easier to work with and or more thorough than others.

Good Luck!

@Anil Sharma

I would call some of the local Realtor in the area and ask for a recommendation. You can ask other investors who sell homes retail (in the same fashion you are rehabbing too). I am sure they been on other side of at least one home inspector who had a fair and through report. Also other local investors from your REI may have done the same with home inspector prior to starting work and they can get you a discount on somebody good.

Good luck.   

Thank you everyone, appreciate your valuable recommendations,

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