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Hi everyone. I just bought this property and we are in the middle of rehabbing the inside  and cleaning up the outside. We are planning on holding it as a rental. Do you guys have any suggestions on what we can do to the the front yard to give it more curb appeal?

Hi Reid,

at first look there is a lot of brown...i think a large splash of color would help.  so perhaps a big red door, green grass with lot of yellow flowers/bushes.  is there anything to be done with the shades to give them some color?  i'm not sure what is to the left of the door, a large window?

perhaps it's too late or too difficult, but the wall to the right of the door has very little in the way of windows.  but lots of greenery/flowers could "hide" that aspect.  or is that a window above the bush on the far right? 

is it possible to add a skylight somehow too?  the roof is long, and "boring."  (boring is the wrong word but i hope you know what i mean).

more on the landscaping...i'd have any bushes or plants in front line up to be the same height.  as it stands, one is much larger than the other...(i'm not a huge fan of asymmetry) and the larger bush makes the doors and windows appear small.  

Take off that metal security door if its not needed.  Paint the door and put some colored mulch around the house.

Maybe even some colored rocks

Add shutters, a nice color on shutters and door, maybe some large decorative home numbers, and maybe a pot or two of colorful flowers by the door that tenant can change out seasonally if they want to, trim existing shrubs and mulch any existing beds.  Anything requiring establishment (like grass seed, new shrubs, etc.) usually won't work once a tenant moves in as they won't pay for the water needed to keep anything new alive.    

Thanks for the suggestions. To the left of the door, it's a large window. I like symmetry as well, but I am trying to find ways to make the house have more curb appeal that won't require maintenance and upkeep by the tenant. For example, I was thinking about adding some flowers and grasses, but I am afraid the tenant would not keep it up and they would die quickly. I like the idea of painting the front door and adding shutters. We were thinking of going white with the trim and a bright white door. However, I like color. We even were thinking of painting the brick, but then we'd have to paint it thereafter which is more maintenance. 

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