Just curious - So. Cal. Flippers/Rehabbers

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Hey flippers and rehabbers in Southern California -

What is your biggest pain point in your business process?

1. Finding deals?
2. Financing your deals?
3. The actual rehab?
4. Selling the property after rehab is complete?
5. Other?

And for bonus points -

How do you find the majority of your deals?

1. Realtors?
2. Wholesalers?
3. Trustee sale?
4. MLS?
5. Contacting the owner directly? (yellow letters, phone calls, door knocking)
6. Probate?
7. Other?


Finding a really good deal is the essence of the game , at least these days . Everything will fall into place easily after that ...

I'm not flipping houses at the moment but I work with a number of people who are and I would venture to guess that most would say 1 and 1 & 4 (They kind of go hand-in-hand)

Finding the deals is the hard part..  That and evictions, it seems like former owners are getting better at fighting us.  We're having no problem selling the properties on the back end at the moment.  

We get a majority of our deals from the courthouse steps, then a few others from MLS and wholesalers.

There is no question that finding the deals with enough meat on the bone is the most difficult these days. That said, nothing is easy and often, you must take on larger and more complicated rehab projects to even have a decent spread. In that lies many problems.

Most of my deals come from MLS and agent contacts/relationships.

Finding deals with meat on the bone was my problem. 

Thanks everyone for the replies. You are all confirming what I am experiencing - that finding a worthwhile deal is the hardest part. I guess persistence is the key!

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