Why is the drywall on foreclosure ceilings sometimes cut out?

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I have been looking at some foreclosures on the MLS lately and have noticed that sometimes sections of the ceilings are cut out. Is that because people took the copper pipe?

It could be, but sometimes the bank will send someone in to the property to winterize it so they may have done that.  The other possibility is there was mold present and the bank sent someone in to remediate it before the mold got worse.

it's been my experience that the field service companies that banks employ to service and maintain the property have cut it out to correct a "freeze" break in the copper lines. Or it was cut out because they had a break and water leaked onto the drywall and they want to limit mold  issues. They can't winterize a property properly with broken or split copper lines. At least that was always the case with Bank of America and Chase properties.

Thank you for the replies @Dee M. and @Travis Boyer .  So, in your experience this has not been an issue?

Not really, more often than not I see that when looking at foreclosures,  especially if they have been sitting vacant for awhile.  

Yes, these cutouts are common since its gives you an opportunity to inspect a portion of the house you don't normally see.



Guys are stealing drywall to sell it .            

If it's a clean cut, it's probably the bank removing water damaged or moldy drywall.

If it just looks like it's been 'smashed' out then it's probably someone taking the pipes.

Either way, beyond one more thing to fix, shouldn't really impact what you're trying to do with fixing and selling.

Make sure you pressure test the water lines before you fix the drywall.

No drywall on ceiling is either from a roof leak or because plumbing leaks or is missing. If the water doesn't spray everywhere when you turn on the meter then it is probably the roof.  If nothing happens when you turn on the meter then you might need a new line run from the street and/or to the house or you didn't find the shutoff in or under the house.

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