Alternative to bi-fold doors

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I bought a house in a really nice area and I want to rehab it very differently then the way I'm use to. Instead of cleaning it up, throwing down beige Lowes carpet, painting the walls white and 'making things work', I want to create a very contemporary and customized look.

It has metal bi-fold doors and every piece of me is saying "paint them and throw them back up" but I want to see if anyone has any alternative ideas to these loud clunkers. I'm sure there has to be a opaque glass alternative or sliding something. Any idea?

I was thinking maybe save the hardware and build my own wooden doors with the glass inserted. That, however, sounds like something I think is a good idea until I start to see the final product.

hmm I'd probably just paint or add wooden bi-folds.

Can't think of any alternatives right off hand. I have in the past bought paneled slab doors to replace the bi-fold doors if there is enough room in the bedroom for them to open. It looks nice too. But not sure if it is comtemp or not.