Alternative to bi-fold doors

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I bought a house in a really nice area and I want to rehab it very differently then the way I'm use to. Instead of cleaning it up, throwing down beige Lowes carpet, painting the walls white and 'making things work', I want to create a very contemporary and customized look.

It has metal bi-fold doors and every piece of me is saying "paint them and throw them back up" but I want to see if anyone has any alternative ideas to these loud clunkers. I'm sure there has to be a opaque glass alternative or sliding something. Any idea?

I was thinking maybe save the hardware and build my own wooden doors with the glass inserted. That, however, sounds like something I think is a good idea until I start to see the final product.

hmm I'd probably just paint or add wooden bi-folds.

Can't think of any alternatives right off hand. I have in the past bought paneled slab doors to replace the bi-fold doors if there is enough room in the bedroom for them to open. It looks nice too. But not sure if it is comtemp or not.

What about some sliding doors? HD has some cool stuff that you can use.

Here's a pic of one that looks very nice:
and there is other installation info there for you.....

Just a thought.

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