First Post - Just finished my first house (before and after pics inside)

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This was the very first house I bought and completely rehabbed it - it was rough when i first got it (pics inside).  Just wanted to share, feeling pretty proud.

One year of work.

Looks great, congrats on your first!

Wow!  It's gorgeous.  I love the details - including the paint job at your little laptop nook where you put a different color on the diagonal.   You should be proud!

thanks everyone :D glad to see everyone digging it

Nice work, good color combinations and the floors are impressive.  Is this a flip or buy and hold?

Look fantastic.  How did you find this property?

nice work. Did you do the design work yourself? I am torn on trying to do it myself or using a professional when I get into my first flip

Really great!  Would love to know more. Buy and hold or flip?  How long to renovate?  Did you GC yourself?  I just completed my first buy and hold in a lower income neighborhood. It too was a 70's house. Tried to make it more current on a tight budget.

Honestly...this place is SO DARN NICE I wanted to move in just looking at the pictures! GREAT JOB!!!!!

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