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Hello all,

Am not sure that I am in the right forum.  I do have couple questions about rehab and GC.

- Should I manage my own rehab project rather hire a GC?  If so, what are the steps to do so in regarding what work need to be start first and so on?

- Should I pay GC cost plus %fee, or flat out on a project?

- Can the GC have a lien on your property if there never at any point there an official contracts signed?

- Should I have the GC given me a bid only on the labor and few necessary items to perform the job for instant, painters I will be providing the paint and they provides whatever need.

- Should I hire each individual trade master by the hrs/project and what is the best way to have an good estimate on how much things cost?

All your soonest reply greatly appreciates.  I live in Dallas TX,

Originally posted by @Jeffrey Hayes :

 I might just take the route of hiring out my own separate sub contractors or even ones that he chooses for each job needed such as tile, carpet, roof, plumbing etc. 

You have a lot of questions, but this one kind of stuck out to me. I don't know any GC's that are going to give up their subs to you.


Of course not, I will have to find my own.  thanks sir.

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