how much to fix asbestos problem?

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i see a property listed at 50k and they found asbestos on the siding. resale is 130k.

You really need to clarify your question. Asbestos is not "on the siding". Siding, in the past was made from asbestos. It is not against any law to have asbestos siding. If the siding is intact, it is perfectly fine. The problem comes when it starts to deteriorate and chip and fall apart then the dust gets into the air and it needs to be taken care of. You don't fix an asbestos problem so to speak. You can put vinyl siding over it but the cost to do that depends on the size of the house. What is your main concern with the asbestos? Also, the property is listed at 50K but the resale is $130K? Why would somebody sell a house for 50K that is worth $130K? More details would be helpful @Account Closed .

@Rob Beland

i have no idea. i dont see anything wrong with the inside of the house from the pics.

1000 sq ft house ranch .

"abatement of the material must be must be completed prior to renovation or demolition"

at the bottom is says

material - transite, siding, gray, non fibrous,

and again it says that same thing.

arv is 130k

So back to your original question which is "How much to fix the asbestos problem?" You could just call a company that does vinyl siding and get a quote to side over the asbestos. 

Rob is correct. I resided a house in Marlborough, MA with high quality vinyl and poly-ISO insulation. It is a slower installation, but by far the most cost effective... Removing and disposing of asbestos is where the cost is. I believe there are only one or two processing plants in the country. Double bagging, taping bags, and shipping to processing is a lot of money. Cover it up...

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