Trying to save money as GC

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I have a house for flipping purpose and I have obtained some bids from GC but the numbers won't work very well in my favour if I bring in those contractors. I still plan to use plumbers/Electricians but the rest of the stuff like tile installation/carpenter work, hanging cabinet has anyone tried hiring from temp agencies who provide construction workers. will that be a cheaper route? or any other ideas other than DIY.

If you can't make the numbers work hiring contractors (specifically, contractors who are accustomed to working with investors and are priced accordingly), then the deal probably just isn't good enough.  Find a better deal...

First read this:

As far as hiring temps...I have a hard time imagining that working. I mean for that to work you would have to find experienced trades people (carpenters, carpet layers, tile installers) working as temps, who had the necessary tools, and you need to know enough to recognize if they are doing their job correctly.

I agree with J. If the numbers don't work, move on. Trying to force the numbers is a sure ticket to trouble.

@Rao V. :

This really does sound shaky. You really want to make the money going in. Trying to save money is one thing but you don't want to accrue a sunk investment and find yourself deep into a deal that needs more than saving.

temp agencies for construction?? isn't that "agency" located in front of the home depot?

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