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I have paid a contractor in full to complete a rehab. I know I should have never done that but I can't go back now. I'm guessing there is about 20k worth of work left. I just want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to attempt to get this money back. I'm going to report them to the state licensing dept and file a complaint, contact the Maryland Attorney General and file a complaint. I'm also going to do everything I can to make sure these guys do not do business ever again. I'll go to meetups get the word out etc.. Is there any other protection I have as a consumer that I'm missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you mean in addition to filing a civil suit?  I believe MD contractors are required to be bonded, so ask the licensing agency how you go about forcing compliance or being covered under the bond.    I'm not a lawyer, no legal advice.  

Lynn, correct.. but speaking of filing a civil suit if it were to go to trail how much do you think I can expect to pay?

I am going through something similar. I put a complaint on Wendy Lovejoy via REI Blacklist on facebook, called the national and state Real Estate Investor Association, and filed complaints with rip off report, better business bureau, consumer affairs and will file with the real estate commissions office. I was told someone else is filing a case against her as well and I forwarded the emails, pictures, and videos to the National REIA. She was kicked off the board by the way. Since I do have contacts with other real estate investors in 3 states, I have contacted these people as well. I may need to contact other organizations because she said she was a minister and the church told me they never heard of her or her ministry.

For the contractor, I have just contacted my lawyer.  I am sending them the information so that they can send him the certified letter.  I am not going to reveal his name yet or report him to any authorities until I get all the details.  He had told me after the first disappearance that he had paperwork to indicate why he had to go but he has not provided that to us and he has disappeared again.  Right now a lot of things are going through my mind as to why he is gone.  Luckily, I only paid for the work in phases.     

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