INDIANAPOLIS Market any good ?

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For my investors. How do you guys think the market is in INDY ? It was great in 2010 but seems to suck in Indy now. Is it just me ?

Yes, my wholesale inventory is down compared to 2013/14 but I still have a ton of eager buyers. I just need properties to buy. So, inventory "sucks" but the market is on fire - IMHO

@Amanda Keller

Are your investors looking for fix and flips or buy and holds?  

fix and flips @ashleymullin 

Originally posted by @Amanda Keller:

For my investors. How do you guys think the market is in INDY ? It was great in 2010 but seems to suck in Indy now. Is it just me ?

 2010 and right now are like night and day.  2010 was a buyers market..   now its a sellers market.  You have to adjust!   like @Shawn Holsapple said inventory is waaaaaay harder to get but the demand from buyers is through the roof.  Interest rates and the lending climate have a lot to do with that as well...   

Indianapolis seems like a buy and cash flow area?

How is the market in what respect? As @Ryan Mullin mentioned, it's 180 degree's from 2010. Inventory is down and demand is up. The good news is that equity fund activity is way down from the last few years. Indy is still one of the best cash flow markets in my opinion though.

@Ken A.  Cash flow is great....appreciation is good at times as now.  Appreciation went up substantially over the last few years and still going up.  Still well below the peak price levels of 2006.  Flatter price curve than many markets, but more predictable.  Lots of buyers shopping currently.   Would anticipate it all to continue as supply of foreclosures tightens.  

@Amanda Keller

Hi Amanda, we believe that the Indy Market is still a great city to buy Fix-n-Flips.  We are seeing a lot of investors searching, buying, and flipping properties in Indianapolis.

I see a lot of properties being restored and flipped in Fountain Square, Bates-Hendricks, many historical pockets of downtown Indianapolis, and of course just within or outside the 465 Loop. We have also seen and done flips  in Fishers as well.  Yes it is a little bit harder to find the deals these days, but I am seeing it done.. We just have to work a little bit harder to find them, but I believe they are out there.  Good Luck with your Flipping...


Pretty much how most markets react coming back from a severe down cycle.  You get a nice initial pop higher, then some higher, and then you might get a "quiet" period (year or so) with small appreciation, and then it continues higher in fits and starts, but heading higher to 2022-2024.  That's my plan and I'm sticking to it.

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