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Does anyone use any software to help them organize their projects ? Or do you use excel ? Which is the best ?

I used primavera in school ...

We run Buildertrend... couldn't operate without it anymore.

thank s I saw that it is the best software out . Can you do CPM on it ?

If you mean critical path method, then yes. Schedule items can be linked to each other (start to finish, start to start) creating a visible critical path, including a generated gantt chart.

I built an excel worksheet, I often modify it to conform to the information and calculations I desire.

I am ok with MS Project. if it is small, its just MS Excel plus Trello.

Trello is a great free tool, although its hard to see/plan for dependencies. 

I've also heard Podio is a good paid tool that allows for a lot of customization. You create templates to manage your projects and you can also use it for CRM.

I currently use Asana for my projects.  Love it

thanks to everyone wouldn't be able to find and try out all them on my own. 

Along the same lines of Asana and Trello, I would recommend JIRA (which I have tons of experience with) or Azendoo (which I have zero experience with). JIRA has a huge marketplace which allows you to really scope what type of project management system you want to build. Two considerations I  guess would  be what is your team size that will be using this and are you managing end-to-end process which requires you to inform clients of progress. 

I use Trello as a simple overview tool. The interface reminds me of a desk with neatly organized stacks of paper on it. 

I find it useful for getting ideas into a sharable format, less useful for generating and displaying project timelines.

Hi All,

Does anybody have any Asana templates they would recommend or share for a rehab/flip project? 


I use Asana for my consulting job A LOT. And I love it. is the wrong tool for real estate 

While Asana is a great tool for consulting it is not a great tool for rehab/flip/development. It does not have the functionality you would need and it's too hard to bring in additional resources. Asana has no gant charts. No critical path visualization and no way to track all of the hard costs associated with a build. 

BuilderTrend is going to cost you more. Heck it might even cost you 2k a year when you're big. But it's worth the extra money. If you want to build stick with building programs. 

My two cents. 

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