Lincoln, NE Rental Renovation - Before & After's

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Here is one of my rentals it was a 2/1 when I got it and I made it into a 5/3. If you have any questions or comments please let me know. Thanks

Living room - Before

Living room - After

Dining Area - Before

Dining Area - After

Kitchen - Before

Kitchen - After

Upstairs Bedroom - Before

Upstairs Bedroom - After

Main Bathroom - Before

Main Bathroom - After

One bathroom I added where there currently wasn't one

I added two bedrooms in the basement and we just made one egress pit for both, I later added a clear roof to divert the water.

I found a before photo of the upstairs room before it was a bathroom. This was an addition at some point

Looks great Josh!  Did adding the additional bedrooms allow you to rent it for closer to the market rents for a 2/1 as it was before or a 5/3 or somewhere in between?  I have a partner that wants to take a 2/2 and add two egress windows in the basement to make it a legal 4/2 and we are wanting to know if it will add a significant amount of income since the overall size of the house does not change.  Any thoughts on your experience with a change in rental income??

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