What Should I Do With This Kitchen?

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We are about to close on a Duplex that is in very good condition, but one of the kitchens will be an issue. Someone painted the cabinets, and did not do a good job. The laminate is that butcher block style, but is actually in pretty good shape. I would like to economically upgrade this kitchen. Any ideas?

Hi Scott,

Since shaker white cabinets continue to be incredibly popular and your doors have that squarish shape, I'd repaint them with white oil paint. Use good paint so the end product looks good. (I'm assuming the cabinets are in good shape other than the paint job.)  

You don't say anything about your target market so I may be off, but even in good shape, that laminate would scare off folks in my market. If you can afford it, replace the laminate and if you can afford more, add a backsplash to give it personality. You could do a subway tile pattern with medium size tiles--very economical and easy to install.

I'm not sure what the pseudo window above the sink is about. You could place something decorative there (glass, an adhesive, artwork) to give the viewer a sense that they are looking at or out a window. 

Good luck!

As @Marcela Correa said, I would paint the cabinets white. If the countertop is in good condition I would leave it, and add a light colored subway tile backsplash. Maybe white with dark grouting.

yea i'd stick to a black and white theme

unless i was up to changing appliances & countertop.

make sure to sand down paint well and if oil WHITE paint make sure its not the type that dries/ages to yellowish

Are you planning to rent it out?

My first thought when I looked at the photo, was also to paint the cabinets white.  But, then I'd want to paint the walls a different color - maybe a very light golden yellow - to where it's so light, it just looks off-white.  I forget the actual shade, but I've used in in a couple of different properties and it looks really classy next to white trim and cabinets.  I like a semi-gloss, as it looks clean and reflects light nicely to brighten a room.  Like a little sunshine is in the room.  I'd leave the ceiling white.

You could just leave the countertops.  So, really, just paint could do the trick and it would be really cheap.  Painting cupboards is a pain because of trying to paint around the hardware.  I've done it.  I didn't want to deal with removing mine because they were just a cheap pressboard type material and I was afraid they wouldn't go back up nicely.  So, it would cost you in time - whether you removed/replaced the cupboards and maybe the cupboard hardware, or just painted them in place.

Here's a sample of what it could look like.  I'd go with a lighter shade of gold for the walls, though.  Shows the same type of countertop you've got.


This photo is closer to the color I'm thinking of for the walls.  I might still go a little lighter:


Countertops and glass tile are not terribly expensive and make a big difference.  Kitchens are the best place to throw $400 bucks at.  Will pay off quickly.

@Sue K.

Thanks all! I think that we will go with a white paint, and paint the walls. Sue, that picture you linked is great, even has the same counter top!

perhaps post an after if u get a chance when u do, Scotty

You could try the Rustoleum countertop transformation kit, but the cost is about as expensive as getting new laminate countertops from the store.

I will post an after picture when things are completed.

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