Need some General Contractor recommendations - North Atlanta Area

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Hey BP investors in the North Atlanta area!    Just finished my first flip and I'm looking for GC options for my next one.   Seeking recommended quality work and fair pricing.   Ha Ha don't we all :)



Not to take your post off subject, but how did the first flip go?

First flip went well (we stayed in the black), however we spent way too much on renovation.  

Hey @Ken Pavilonis  I think the goal of your first flip is to stay in the black, so job well done.  You will get better at estimating rehab numbers over time and it helps if you have the same contractor to work with.  You will also learn what level and style of rehab is required for different price points and geographic areas.

To add to what @Stan Butler said about what level of rehab is required.  When you said you spent to much does that mean you overpaid for contractors and/or you added more feature than you needed to?  For example, if you put in granite countertops and cheaper ones would have sufficed.

I think it was a combination of both spending too much for Contractor and level of materials.  For example we put in Quartz countertops in kitchen and all baths but could have done granite.  The neighborhood was older and not high end.  We were trying to push the limits on comps, which we did, but not enough.   GC costs were high for the level of quality we received. I felt like we had to do too much "hand holding" and oversight. 

@Ken Pavilonis  I recommend Edge to Edge Renovations.  I know they have a minimum budget of $20K.  Great work and customer service.   

Check out their website:

Thanks for sharing your story.  :)

Good Luck!

Anna Ryder

Has anyone done business with Edge to Edge Renovations?  

@Anna Ryder as the owner can you point out investors who can recommend your company? I'm looking to do a remodel.

Thank you.

Hi Pyrrah,

@Pyrrha Rivers

We are fairly new to the investor market.  Edge to Edge Renovations has been working within the ATL area for 10 years, although most of their clientele are homeowners vs investors.  There is an investor in the Dallas, GA area that we have been working with for a number of years.  I can send you his contact info via private message.  Also, I will send you a list of past homeowners/clients that would be happy to recommend Edge to Edge.   

Thanks for asking and I hope to hear from you soon!


Anna Ryder

@Anna Ryder

That sounds good to me. Please do send your recommendations as I would like to have everything lined up for my rehab very soon.



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