Calculating Your end buyers costs for the flip

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I am new to BiggerPockets and trying to find out is there a simple calculation sheet on BiggerPockets  already with formulas for figuring the cost for an A to B and B to C transaction. I am trying to find a form that I can send to the C buyer so they can see potential cost and profit from their end. This form will figure from the amount the end buyer actually pays for the property and from there show all of the associated cost and profit for the end buyer. Can someone please let me know if there is such a form?

Thank You

Bobby Hughes


Have you tried BP's Wholesaling Calculator on the Analyze tab? Also there are tons of forms in the FilePlace of the Resources tab. In my opinion if you have to show the end buyer their potential costs and profit they are probably not the right end buyer. Your buyer knows their costs and profits you just need to make sure you make enough room in the deal for YOUR profit. Good luck!!

Thank you Bob for your response. As I stated, I am just getting started and I have a great deal to learn. I hope my question was not on the stupid side. I have tried the calculator on the Analyze Tab but still trying to understand just what the numbers mean. I will try the forms in the FilePlace on the Resources Tab. Once again, thanks for the information.


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