kitchen remodel

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Is it a flip or hold? What colors are your walls, is there a backsplash; color of your appliances, stainless or colored.  That info could help.  If it were a rental you might consider vinyl if it's a flip you might consider tile.  

I like to contrast the countertop with a darker tone.  Tie the cabinets together with some glass tile using a bright white grout.  Color of countertop should work well with your paint selection.  Dark knobs can figure in as well.  Home depot has great selections on all these with an economy grade that is usually fine for low end.

Light and dark counter tops look good with white cabinets. For dark countertops we like to use a silver pearl granite counter top with white cabinets, a glass tile backsplash with a bit of stainless steel and a light grey floor tile.  Here is a picture of one we did with this color scheme (amateur pics so may be hard to see details). We typically use stainless appliances and that is what I recommend, but this house had new black so we went with that. 

White cabinets work well with a variety of countertops. 

First pic: White cabinets, Black Pearl granite (my own portfolio, a hoarder's house I renovated 

Second pic: Also Black Pearl granite. I like this backsplash better with the gloss black. Project for another investor.

Third pic: White cabinets with New Caledonia granite, a medium grey, and subway tile. Project for a retail client. He & his wife love the granite. Greys are very hot right now.

Personally i think bianco antico or carrara white marble look best with white cabinets.  

Here are some properties we did in the past couple years.

I like to copy what the large national builders are doing in my area as far as colors combinations. They spend a lot of time and money researching what new home buyers/renters are looking for in a house.

Recent counter top remodel on my Texas property. It was sorely needed! The backsplash is new as well. It's a raised plastic tile. I've never used this we will see how it holds up!  The wall colors are a grayish color as well but the picture for some reason does not show the true color. Flooring is peel and stick. 

Cabinet on right was added and needs paint. 

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The backsplash is from Lowes and is called 18 in. x 24 in. Traditional 1 PVC Decorative Backsplash Panel in Bermuda Bronze.

with white cabinets -- a gray or dark gray stone composite ("quartzite", Silestone etc). 

I like the look of gray marble but if there's a food or coffee stain, you have to scrub it. The solid black granite also looks good (our first choice), but it's hard to get two slabs that are exactly the same shade of black ... that's what the granite guy told us.  

we have a few that are white. always use the same countertop, which is laminate. we never put tiles backsplash because those go out of style quick (within 5 yrs). paint is easy to change.

i dont have a picture up close though. those cabs were painted

@Tiffany Swann we used the antico blanco granite that @Rejean Julien mentioned with white cabinets and dark floors in our own home. It looks great and we get tons of compliments on it. We used white glass tiles  as a backsplash but you could get a similar look for much less with white subway tiles. If you want to see a lot of great combinations check out, there's tons of great pics.