Estimating cost of concrete driveway construction

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I have no experience with concrete, but I am possibly putting in a new driveway on our current flip. The provided link estimates $2800 for 600 sf of concrete ($4.65/sf), with 20% provided for overhead and 20% for profit.

Does that sound right to those who are familiar with concrete costs? Seems low to me.


That is consistent with the quotes I've been getting here in Houston. I'm seeing around $1.50/sf for concrete removal and $4.50/sf for concrete construction. It wouldn't surprise me to see prices increase in the short term with all of the work they will likely have after the flooding ends.

I hope you are safe and dry up there in Dallas.


Safe, and barely dry. How do you end a drought? With a flood, obviously. Hope you are ok in Houston. Thanks for your feedback on concrete costs. $4.50/sf seems very reasonable - hope I can get that price here.

There are multiple companies in my area that do flat concrete work for $3-3.25 per sq ft. They are licensed companies that I've dealt with before. Your are might be more expensive but they should be able to give you an approximate price per sq ft over the phone.

Anthony, you are saying $6.00 per sq ft? $1.50 out and $4.50 in =$6.00 

I'm in Houston and got a quote on a flip house this morning. The job was a flat $4.00 per square ft. I see $3.50 to $4.00 per sq ft lately for driveways. Around $3.00 for patios and walkways.

Flatwork is easy, about $5/sf is fine, but I will never do it for that price. I order from the mix plant, and its usually $90-100/cu yd, then my labor and etc, but then I don't do anything less than 5 cu yd. It also depends on soil, slope, work condition, stamping or not, sealed or not, thickness, etc. $5/sf is the most basic and flat work up to a slope of 5%.

This is nice.., Thanks for the information...

@Brandon Hopkins @Manolo D. I need concrete work for my current flip in Fullerton, CA. Have not done it before so need your opinion on this quote I got (in summary: ~1000sq.ft. of new concrete after removal of existing concrete, and ~713sq.ft. of just removal around a tree):

Remove concrete over lay in garage 12' x 23'.

Remove and replace driveway 29' x 25'.

Remove only concrete around tree in back yard 31' x 23'

New concrete to be 4" deep with #3 rebar @ 2' centers both directions.

New concrete to have fiber mesh reinforcement.

Control joints where needed.

Non slip broom finish.

All debris generated in our scope of removed to dump.

Cost $ 11,000.00

@Han Oh A little high, but that's about what I charge. You got about 4 bins of 10 yard low boy, 3 if they're luck.  Labor, that's about a day or two work for demo, another day to form, and another to pour. 4 days average, 5 max, 3 guys, that's 5k, 2k on dumpster, 2.5-3k on concrete & accessories. I say 10k is fine for level floor, if you need adjustment and tampering/compaction, another 1k. But I am using retail rate.

The numbers above are what I charge, if you are hiring in cash, or unlicensed, then the numbers drop about 1.5-2k.

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