How Would You Improve the Outside of this House?

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@Bill Labrecque  and I are closing on a SFR flip towards the end of June and are in the process now of fine tuning our rehab budget for the project.

The outside of the house itself and the landscaping is actually very well cared for.  The roof is 3 years old and the siding is in very good shape.  It just needs some improving to make it look at little more modern.  

So, what would you do to improve the outside of this house?

it looks good but it desperately needs some offsetting color trim on the windows, paint on the door (cabaret red ) , and I would i would also paint the rain skirt just make that is a more conservative color.  skimcoat and paint the porches.

Add some vibrant  flowers to the side of the house.

That's actually a very well build house

also I wouldn't attempt to make it more modern.  Sell it on it's vintage angle

I would remove the bushes closest to the street to make the front yard look bigger. It will also kind of remove that barrier between the street and the house for people driving by. The evergreen bushes like that were really big in the 80's but not so much anymore. I like to use smaller bushes, shrubs, or flowers in the front so that potential buyers can see more of my finished product on the first pass by.

What is the expected sale price? A front porch, or wrap-around if the budget could extend to it, would transform that house. Often a very good way to go for these old New Englanders. I did one for about $8,000.

@Richard C. The expected sales price will likely be between 185k and 195k. Thanks for asking that, I should have mentioned that in the original post. 

Thanks for the suggestions @Graham Max and @Steve B. !

I'll preface this by saying I've yet to flip a property so this is purely my opinion and not based on experience. But going on gut alone...

I'd take out the bushes by the street as well as the ones in front of the house. They add nothing and look dated. The ones near the house are almost blocking part of the window. I'd replace them with some lower to the ground perennial color. 

Consider replacing the door to something with some color/character. 

That cement path that wraps around the prop and the walk way toward the door... if you have enough, perhaps brick those. Could look real classy and give the house more character. 

Color on the trim of the house would help a lot. 

Get rid of the metal awning on the back door. 

A gorgeous, fairly mature crape myrtle (not sure its the right zone for it) placed in the center of the front yard would be gorgeous and add a needed pop of color when in bloom. Give it that "cute" factor. 

And maybe some nice planters under the bottom windows.

my suggestions would be to add a small porch and then as someone else suggested paint with contrasting trim, possibly dark red colored door. Also remove the front bushes and replace with picket fence.

Good luck!

Thanks @Melissa Ewbank  

The consensus seems so far to get rid of those front bushes. I like the fence idea as well. 

I would get rid of what is up against the back of the house that looks like it has a blue tarp on it.

 Like the other posters have said add some color in trim, doors and maybe some shutters. Def replace all bushes. Add colorful perennials and perhaps flowering ornamental tree in front yard.

Agree with everyone else about painting a trim color and also a colorful door ..I like either red or  blue for front doors. Some colorful flowers around the front would be really nice. Agree with Steve B in that I wouldn't try to make it more modern but accent it's vintage charm. But otherwise it looks a solid house. If it was a rental it wouldn't need anything. 

I'm in on the wrap around porch to enhance the period of the house. It will broaden the first story of the house making it seem larger and it will break up the tall facade. Once furnished it adds a charming and pleasant outdoor room for the summer months. Envision friends over for a Mint Julip or a Pimm's while relaxing in comfortable chairs on a warm evening. I'd also suggest staging it a bit and you're good to go on at least recovering the cost and most likely increasing profit.

Ditto on an interesting paint scheme and improved landscaping. It looks like a nice house. 

Just in case you need to one more vote, I'm in for removing all of the bushes. We removed the bushes in front of our own house, built a small wall with a flower bed behind it along our porch. Transformed the look of the house. I also love strict white houses with red shutters and door. Blue would look nice but isn't has period or as catching as the red. 

If there is room in the budget for a porch I think its an excellent idea but even a small, nice perched awning would add a really nice accent and make the front much more 3D(see attached image below)

Add shutters to the front of the house although the bottom left window looks tight. 

Thanks for all of the feedback!

@Steve Buchanan We are definitely going to put shutters on like you suggested but are trying to figure what to do with that window on the bottom left. Like you said it is a bit tight there.

One nice unifying thing that would cost very little is to use a dark gray concrete stain on both the foundation and the curving walkway.  I don't disagree with the poster who said that walk would look nice in brick pavers, but it is well laid-out and looks solid as-is.

Thanks @Richard C. I like those suggestions.

Just like it looks, it is well laid out and solid.

i would get some color on the place. paint the trim, put some shutters on the front, landscape around the trees. it needs curb appeal. it looks like the plain white car on a lot full of colored cars. 

Possibly somewhat more controversially (as there are people who say never remove a mature tree) I'm not sure that what that spruce tree is adding to the appearance of the house justifies the space it is taking up.  I would consider removing it.  And I'd use an edger to scribe a rough circle around that deciduous tree and mulch it.

Everyone has great suggestions, my first thought was shutters on upper windows and window boxes on lower windows because of the tight squeeze on lower left. Please post after photos when you decide. Looks like a great house!

Thanks  @Cindy D.

I like the window box idea for the lower windows.  We will most likely document this flip here on BP like we do with our others.

Fix the holes in the front concrete steps. 

Paint front door a red color. 

The bushes directly in front of house foundation near gas meter look like yew and rhododendron. If that is what they are (hard to tell from pics), get rid of yew. Rhododendrons will flower, so maybe keep that. 

Plant red double knockout roses. They flower May through October and will give needed color. 

What is going on to the left of the front door?  Looks like it maybe has another entryway there. 

I probably would not try to make it modern but would go for charm and character. Remove thing on side of house with the blue tarp on it then Build an arbor with plants. 

 or how about red awnings!Image result for white house with red awnings

This house is in Connecticut, I believe?  If so, awnings would make it look very dated.

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