Framing Contractors

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I wanted to find out if any of my fellow BPers have a framing contractor referral? Looking only for trades that put their hands on the tools. Self-performing contractors.

Hello Seth, I just logged on and see your message, I must've done something to my notifications. Thank you for responding and sorry I didn't respond!  It has been a crazy time. How is all with you?  And your house?  I'm almost done framing and having a helluva time finding a finish carpenter now!  

Anyway I hope you're enjoying the weekend, when you get a chance I'd love to hear/see your house progress.

Best, Michelle

@Michelle DeWoskin

We take a trip through new construction neighborhoods if we need some framers. Ideally track builders as they don’t pay much since they generally build junk. We end up paying more because our standards are higher and we make them go back and fix smaller issues we don’t like - walls not straight, etc. We recently moved into new construction and have found many new subs this way. Our rehab guys rarely can handle new construction with ease.