How much would you tolerate for carpet labor?

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Hello everyone, hope everyone is having an awesome Friday. What would you expect the labor costs to run on ~600 sq.ft. of carpet. Carpet needs replacement on a unit just closed and recorded today. The guy is coming tomorrow to measure out the place, then he will give me a labor estimate (which I can accept or go with someone else). The work is a living area and two small-medium bedrooms, no stairs. Would anyone attempt this themselves? I was thinking less than $1/sq.ft. limit installed by a carpet guy, but I had a "handyman" quote me $300 for the 600 sq.ft. Cheers.

I think it really depends on the quality of carpet you are putting in. $300 sounds like a good price for the space . However, does that include padding and what kind of carpet?

You've got to take into considering floor prep as well. Does the place new carpet tack, do you need to do some floor leveling, is the subfloor in good shape? And yes, it depends on the carpet and whether or not you'll do pad in their as well. I was surprised when I checked out prices from Home Depot and Menards and it was quite a bit more than I was expecting. 

I pay $3.50/yd for installation with a  $200 minimum charge through a shop here in Atlanta.  That's constant.  What kind of carpet you buy can greatly affect the final price, sounds like you were talking labor only, though.  Padding can vary, you want to compare it.

Carpet isn't something I let my labor guys do unless its a real small job, like 1-2 rooms.  

I agree with everyone else....carpet is not something you just want anyone installing.  Get someone who is skilled & experienced.  Don't forget that you "get what you pay for"...that is true on many levels but doing a little research you will find the best deals.

Convert that to yards. $3.50/yd, as mentioned above, is a good price. 

Sometimes HD will install for free at a certain square footage (but that is more that 600 sf).

I generally avoid handymen doing carpet. With the humidity I have in Florida, I used to have them do it and had to get a lot of them stretched later on. Eventually went to just having a carpet guy do them.

If you have handymen already there, can sometimes save by having them tear out tho.

600/9 = 66.7 yd^2 *3.50 = $233.33

*However, you are measuring in square feet. Your measurement and a carpet installer measurement generally don't align due to drops.

Thanks for the reply guys. I cannot @ people on this PC, for some reason.

The carpet is honestly a low-to-mid quality carpet which ran ~$900 or so for the carpet and pad on clearance, for a living space and 2 bedrooms. The reason I didn't go with better carpet was because I currently have rented a same sq.ft., floor plan, 2 parking unit in the same complex for top dollar, which has well cared for but 20 year old carpet.

This time around the carpet definitely needed to be replaced.

I have to travel this week so the install has to be put off another week. So far I have labor quotes of $1031 from the carpet specialist who did the measuring, and $800 and $300 from "handymans". This included delivery and take away, as well as ripping up old carpet. I am afraid the $300 guy may not know what he is getting himself into? Although he did sound pretty knowledgable on the phone, he is tough (but not impossible), to get a hold of at times. If you guys were in my shoes, given the lowish end carpet, what would you do? Thanks for your feedback.

I got set up with an account at sherwin williams flooring through the community buying group and think I pay about $1.10/foot installed.  I know they measure this stuff in yards.  I just took invoice amount by sq ft of the area i had done.  I price everything is sq ft.  

An added bonus is they have my carpet, tile and vinyl selections already picked.  So as I buy more properties, I just give them address to measure and install.  No more picking out colors.  I am standardized.  Different houses have the same paint, flooring etc.  Easier that way.