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This is where networking pays off.  Ideally, you want to have a general idea on whether or not you plan to act as the GC and sub out the work yourself, or whether your plan to hire a GC to do the work.

Do you have any idea on the costs associated with the house you just bought?  I pray you didn't just buy a house hoping to flip it with no idea on what it costs to do what you want to do to it.

Go to your local REIA and ask around for referrals there. And ask anyone else you've worked or know in real estate. Also you can check Craigslist and Angie's List. Just make sure to vet anyone you find there very closely (you should do this regardless by the way).

Originally posted by @Sharon Kaye Garrigan :

yes I do know the cost for the flipping but I want to get more estimates.  

 I had a very good handyman for my first 4 deals..... on the 4th one the scope was complicated and we went over budget.  Lucky for me the $8,000 over we went brought good value to the home, and we sold for a good profit.  

This was proof to me though I needed a great contractor.  I called the subs that I had brought to complete my first 4 deals and the heating and air man gave me a great recommendation.  The new licensed contractor has worked on 8 other deals for me and I couldn't be happier.  

Don't keep your problems a secret, just ask the good people around you for help.  The term "water seeks it's own level" is very true.  If you pay your bills on time and are realistic about time frames and cost every contractor in town will want to work with you.

Good luck