Residential to commercial conversion house on a busy road options

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I recently rehabbed a house that sits on a busy road and in between entrance of major highway (Parkway). I see a potential of being converted to daycare or doctors office since anyone going to new york or north jersey pass through the home. The house is zoned R70 

-  Any ideas on what can be done.

-   Will converting to commercial raise its value. 

-   What is the process to convert. 

-   Is day care (run ourselves) doctors office or lawyer office a good idea any other suggestions ?

- House is 3000 sq/ft

1. Check and see if your property lies in the city limits or just the county.

2. Get a copy of the current land use map plan and then the future one. If your muni is large enough they might have a .pdf online you can save the map to your desktop.

The map should show current zoning and future zoning for the area. If they have slated the area for converting to commercial then it will be easier for the rezone. You need to calculate if you get rezoned to commercial that likely the tax assessor with give a higher assessed value and annual property taxes will rise.

You need to weigh the benefits versus the negatives to see if it makes sense to do it.  

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