Houston Kitchen Cabinets

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$150000 ARV flip, particle board kitchen cabinets with water damage.

Where in Houston should I buy cabinets?

What should I expect to pay for 10x10 layout?

Is there a good contractor to call?

go here and request the catalog. 


Imo the prices are good and the quality is better than expected. If you call them or stop by and tell them you're an investor, which translates to them as repeat business, they'll find deals for you that aren't always online. You can pay the same or a few buck less for RTA but you'll burn the savings on shipping and putting them together. Plus RTAs have those telltale clips inside that's a giveaway for cheap cabinets when you open them. 

They have a lot in stock and you can pick them up. The site and catalog download have measuring and pricing info so you can get a pretty accurate estimate of your cost. 

Good luck

We get our cabinets from Surplus Warehouse.  All wood and good price. Not sure where in Houston you are at, but there is a store in Pasadena and Beaumont. May be others. Cost will depend on configuration, trim used etc. but I would anticipate you will spend $1200 to $1400. 

I just got cabinets from Ikea and everything came around $2500. However, you can lower that by picking regular shelf instead the pull out cabinets. If you stick to the basic you will be able to get them for around $1800. 

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