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how common is it for contractors to buy properties that are under contract?

I'm looking for a contractor to purchase a property that I have under contract, how often do contractors usually buy properties from investors? Hope that makes more sense. 

Hi @Wanda Woo

Why are you specifically looking for a contractor? Lot's of people buy competitively priced homes from wholesalers. Some are contractors and some are not. I'd guess it's a relatively small percentage of contractors who branch into REI so if your looking to market your contract, I'd throw a bigger net.

Most contractors are focused on bidding new jobs and managing their projects but there are some that buy flip (or rental) projects.  Find a few of them before you put something under contract though so you know who to call when you find a deal.  It can be stressful to have to rush to find a buyer before your contract expires.  Like Chris said, there are lots of other people that will buy them too.  Those guys usually post something on Craigslist so you should be able to find them there.  Also, call the numbers on "We Buy Houses" signs around the area to get more contacts.  Most of them will be doing the same thing you're doing but sometimes they will work with you.  Good luck!


Thank you! That was awesome advice!

I Know plenty of contractors that buy houses to flip . A lot  are interested in properties that can be subdivided . One guy I know loves tear downs .  But most are looking for ones to rehab .  

Do I find them from like a builders association or something? :)

Originally posted by @Wanda Woo :

Do I find them from like a builders association or something? :)

 You put a for sale sign up and  buyers see it , or you advertise . Looking for a buyer , doesnt matter what they do

I will look for any buyer. I'm still new :)

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