Alternatives to Slate for Mansard Roofs?

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Hi Everyone,

We are currently in the process of doing a gut rehab on an old victorian style home in Mass. As part of the rehab, we will be reframing the roof into a Mansard style in order to capitalize on a currently unfinished walk up attic space. 

My current dilemma is how to finish the sides of the mansard roof. I love the look of slate, but it is way too costly for this project. I think normal asphalt roofing shingles looks cheap. 

Can anyone recommend a good alternative to slate that wont look cheap?

Check out the current and proposed elevations below: 

They make composite shingles now that look like slate, for a fraction of the price.

Architectural shingles...

Thanks everyone!

Patrick, thanks for the link. The Sienna style are the look we are trying to achieve. Ill have to reach out to our vendors about these.

Aaron - thanks for the rec, but we're looking for something a little more "upscale" We're planning on selling the house for $500-600sf so want something that will really stand out. 

hey Garrett,

  There are several options these days. When it comes to slate "look a likes" you have to be careful because the attraction that meets the eye is not always the best long term option. Over time, the synthetic slate products made of different plastics and polymers will begin to fade and look less like real slate and more like real plastic. They are initially attractive and more cost effective that natural slate but not necessary a better value in all cases. I would suggest either a high quality asphalt shingle with a Lifetime warranty (50 years material, up to 25 workmanship guarantees) or a natural slate tile. GAF makes an awesome lifetime shingle called Camelot that looks like slate tiles and they also have a system called TruSlate. It's a natural slate roofing system but installs much easier through a batten and hanger system using all stainless steel hanging hardware. I'd be happy to share more detail if your interested. Either way, way all your options and most important, hire a good contractor. I can make recommendations. Good luck. 

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