Housecleaning a flip before listing...rates?

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Has anyone had their property professionally cleaned right before listing it?  If so, what are the average rates? (I'm sure it'll probably depend on the region/area; I'm in the southern CT / NYC metro area.)  

a first time clean with a contract to come back in So Md is $100 (several years back)

The cleaning and make-ready is always included in the SOW with my contractor.  

The charge for a first time, deep cleaning is dependent not only on the location, but it's tied directly to the size of the property.  Some companies will quote you by the hour, which negates the size issue.  However, some will charge by room, by square foot, etc.  You're just going to have to make some calls.  I can tell you, in Charlotte, a first time, deep cleaning on a 2,000 sq foot house was $300 about 4 years ago.

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I usually clean myself, however I have to pay someone to do it. it's $250 for a home under 1000 square feet.

Hope it helps.

Thanks, everyone. So far the quote I got has been higher than anyone's posted ($425--not sure if it's just overpriced or normal for pricey Fairfield County, lol), so I'll probably shop around a little more to try & get a better feel for rates.

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