Anacostia DC

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Does anyone flip properties in the Anacostia area? My capital can't afford the astronomical "hot" areas of DC but I can afford the Anacostia area. Now I realize the reason behind the lower prices due to the bad reputation it gets and the resulting longer days on market post rehab but from my research the area has some redeeming qualities. Would love to read other people's thoughts.

This post is a bit old...but Anacostia has been pretty hot the last year. Prices are up, and there has been flipping activity in that area.  

Hi Louis, life threw me a curveball and I have since moved to Baltimore, where I am focusing my efforts. I still keep tabs in the DC area, but have not bought any properties there. I walked through several properties, but just couldn't pull the trigger on a property when walking around the surrounding areas. Baltimore is a similar situation, but I live and walk around it and know where the good and bad areas are. DC, not so much (I was living in Northern Virginia at the time.) I have had very positive experiences in DC and the people I have met through Bigger Pockets have given me invaluable advice. I'd be happy to share my experiences if you'd like.