Vinyl plank flooring in a flip. Bad idea?

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I am thinking about installing a vinyl plank flooring in a flip I have. 

The place has a continuous livingroom and kitchen and I think the looks of a seemingless floor all across will make the place much nicer. 

I have been thinking about installing the luxury vinyl planks because they are better for the kitchen. That way any water spilled in the kitchen wont damage the floors. 

Anyone has a positive or negative experience while selling houses with those installed? 

My main concern is that buyers wont like the idea of vinyl flooring, despite the fact I am confident they will look great.

I use vinyl plank flooring in apartments. Most of the time people don't even notice it is vinyl. They think it is real wood. As long as it is a high quality, I would not think there would be any issues unless you are trying to flip a high end home.

I used vinyl in my own house years ago. The reason being that it was an open concept plan, and I had freestyle motocross riders that practiced riding at our property. I was looking for a flooring material that looked good, would last until our son was moving out, and hold up to him and all his friends if they happened to come in with their gear on!  (those two white areas are reflections from window)  The floor is still in perfect shape, and has been in for 10 years. Since then it's been rented to students, and other groups (14 at a time) and I've had no problems. Nobody has ever thought they looked cheap. BTW it's a 4600 sq. ft. house on 20 acres. 

What's your flip range? I did one at 137K (TX) that buyers loved. It's a cheap vinyl (2mm) I believe, but it was $4250 installed (1660 sqft). Ran it through entire house to tie the open concept together. I have the same thickness installed in a rental house but I'm not sure I'd go so cheap again. The vinyl dents and scratches pretty easy - not quite as durable as my impression of vinyl was. You likely get what you pay for. Mike

My opinion is its a gamble. I'd say for sure if you use it to use quality thick material. Since its a flip I think a nice laminate throughout the house would be best. I'd go with 8mm or better for laminate though. As I said this is just my opinion. Good luck. Love to hear how it turns out.

For rentals, yes, for

They look ok, I'm not convinced they are as hard wearing as people say they are (I've seen a year old abused floor look awful), I dunno. I think for a residence they are just a bit cheap.