foundation / floors sloping

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I looked at a home being sold in "as is" condition. I entered the house and while it was old, everything looked to be in good shape. But there was a very noticeable slope to the right side of the house. The description called it "minor settling". What type of costs/time am I looking at. Is this a big red flag?

I would recommend paying the money for a good property inspection if this is a property that you are seriously considering buying. Foundation issues can be very expensive to repair. 

Thank you for your response.  I dont think I will have time to get an inspection.  Im expecting this one to go quick.  This would be my primary residence so I dont need to flip right away.  Would $25k be a safe estimate for some serious sloping?

If time is the concern you can submit an offer but make sure to include an inspection contingency. That way you can get an estimate on the repair after you have the house under contract, if it ends up being more expensive then you thought you can use that to negotiate a better price, or get out of the deal without losing your earnest money. 

Don't take my word for it, get a second and third and fourth opinion but I think 25k should be enough to cover it. 

We just bought a home in Nov 2014 that had foundation issues which were repaired but the cracks keep coming, doors that once opened and closed now don't, etc. it's never ending. Found out after the fact this was the third foundation repair done to the home. My advice, find out about previous repairs, if house sits on expansive soil or what type of land it sits on and if on expansive soil, pass on it because you will constantly be throwing thousands of dollars towards beam placement or adjustments. We are fixing ours up and selling ASAP!!!!

here i could build you a whole new house for 25k, not sure the price of foundation work there but seems like it would be plenty.  

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