Independent Contractor Agreement

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I'm beginning my first rehab project and would like to do this following the best practices as shared by all of you.  I found these sample Independent Contractor Agreement and this Scope of Work forms but documents are no longer downloadable.  Does anyone else have their sample forms they could share with me and anyone else wanting to protect themselves and their assets?



Depending on your state worker comp laws, you may not be gaining much.  If a sub doesn't have their own contract ready to go, you can assumed they don't have insurances.  Here, if they or anyone they hire gets hurt on your property, you are responsible......whether independent contractor or employee, makes no difference.

I didn't.  I went through some of my old real estate guru materials and found one though.  Thanks for checking though.  You guys are so thorough.

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BUMP.....  I just tried to download the independent contractor agreement, still not working.

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Hey I am wondering if anyone could provide the independent contractor agreement and SOW that was discussed in this post.  I figure reply to this vs create another post, I did try to download the documents from link within the first post but it looks like there no longer available.  Thanks