Kitchen before and after

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Some time back in the sixties the occupant's moved the w/d to that location and removed the drain and plumbing. It's also a slab,so i didn't want to do all the work involved in relocating them. This is another photo of the old kitchen from the other side.

I guess the stove and refrigerator were moved to the other side.   You did improve the washer dryer in that there  is counter space on top and the front opening washer and dryer looks much better, and more sleek then the top loaders. I would like to see the picture of the other side of the kitchen.  I take it there was no room for the washer dryer in a closet on that level?  Where is the sink?  Well a washer dryer in the kitchen is better then having it in a basement.  Where was the original drain that they removed?

The houses in this neighborhood originally had the w/d in the kitchen, so it's not all that unusual of a set up.  This is also a pretty low end market and not many nicely remodeled homes to choose from.