I rehab houses

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I'm new to this site. 

I'm basically letting people know what I do. 

I own my own business and I rehab houses. I actually enjoy doing them.  Even though some can give you a headache. 

Welcome to BiggerPockets, @Patricia B. . You are in the right place to learn a ton about real estate.

And hello from a fellow female flipper! It's nice to meet another one.

I would suggest your fill out your profile completely, and give more information about what kind of work you do and what you are looking for in terms of deals.

Have you listened to the Podcasts yet? There are some amazing tips from fellow flippers, in addition to information about all the other aspects of real estate investing.

Have you considered upgrading to a Plus or Pro Membership? Both will allow you to post in the Marketplace and find deals.

Hello There,  

I have been all over this site today and I find it very interesting.  

I did take your advice and I updated my profile. Thank you for the advice!  

I'm not a real estate agent. I actually do the rehab work with my crew. I opened my business and was surprises how fast it took off. I don't mind getting my hands dirty by any means. I enjoy seeing the projects from beginning to end. 

I also looked at the pro site you recommended and it will be another site I'm sure I will enjoy.  

Thank you so much for your response. I'm always up for learning more than I know Now.