Water leak from an open roof

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So I have a question to find out my options and vent since I can't get a hold of my contractor at the moment. I am in the process of renovating a house in Hampton, VA and we are adding a dormer to the second floor roof and my contractor decided to open the roof and frame out the dormer this week. They didn't get the walls and roof completely framed back in and so they tapped the ceiling to try and keep the house water tight and prevent rain inside. Well we had a storm today and I came by after to check and quickly discovered water had leaked inside the back exterior wall running down to the first floor where there is a lot of water in the kitchen and bathroom and bedroom. I have a gc on the job and he is also the framing contractor. My question is. Whose at fault and whose Wallet pays for the obvious water damage repair that will be needed to be done now.(new insulation, repair plaster/drywall. Remove water from crawl space ) Thanks in advance

The roofers GL insurance.  Most carriers require a roof to be securely tarped if it will be left open for more than 2 hours.  Hope he has the right coverage as there are carriers that have an open roof exclusion.  

Thank @Joe Bertolino

 I have since talked with my contractor and he has assured me of what you have said but also said that since the damage looks like it will be a relatively easy fix with just some drywall and insulation replacement, he will eat the charges and not worry about insurance which will save me time i think as well.